About Crosslinked

Crosslinked Consulting Group is a German-based international consulting company specializing in the travel and tourism industry. We specialize in destination marketing, tourism and brand building strategy and implementation, tourism digitization and travel management solutions.

Our regions of operations are  German speaking regions in the EU, Central Asia, China, East and Southeast Asia. 

Conceptualized in Berlin in 2015, Crosslinked's founders envisioned building a bridge that links businesses and governments across West and East. Today, that bridge is Crosslinked.

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Committed to our promise of delivering outstanding value as a business partnership consultancy firm, we are located strategically to meet our clients' interests, giving them access to some of the world's largest markets and resources.

Our offices are in: 
Europe (Crosslinked GmbH, Germany)
Central Asia (Crosslinked LLC, Kyrgyzstan) 
China (Crosslinked Co. Ltd, China)
East Asia (Crosslinked Ltd, Hong Kong SAR)


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People: our Core Essence

People: our Core Essence

Crosslinkers are international and of various professional backgrounds. Our people are united by the shared fundamental values of Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork and Accountability. These four shared values are the foundation for our main focus to Achieving Customer Satisfaction with the objective to make the world a better place. Click here to find out more about joining us.

Mission: Powered by Networks

Mission: Powered by Networks

We believe that successful organizations are built on strong interconnected people and business networks. At Crosslinked, our mission is to deliver excellent value through outstanding service and product offerings so as to enable our clients to succeed in their partnership endeavors in Europe, Central Asia, China and East Asia.

Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

Crosslinked’s value proposition lies in our ability to provide Asia-oriented European businesses with accurate business intelligence and people network to enable clients to achieve their business successes. Linking businesses between Europe, Central Asia and Asia is a core part of what we do here at Crosslinked. We believe that helping our clients to build successful and sustainable business relationships defines who we are in a very big way. We pride ourselves in providing businesses with the most timely and necessary information to help them succeed internationally.