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Amalgamating strategic marketing with Blue Ocean Strategies, Crosslinked works exclusively with our strategic and valuable partners to provide the some of the best industry expertise and solutions to business clients across continents.

CheckMobile is a highly experienced company in the area of high tech mobile solutions in optimizing businesses processes. They are located in Germany, Great Britain, North America and Russia. Over the past decade, CheckMobile's solutions have been quietly driving multinational businesses in the automobile, aviation, retail and logistics as well as banking and financial sectors. 

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With more than 200 publishers, more than 20 million unique users and more than 400 digital offerings, MAIRDUMONT NETLETIX is one of the leading operators of subject-specific content networks in the German-speaking area and is also a leading special interest marketer for outdoor and travel environments.

Within a broad range of topics - from travel and health to technology and entertainment -  MAIRDUMONT NETLETIX offer holistic service and strong monetization solutions for websites. In addition, MAIRDUMONT NETLETIX support publishers and cooperation partners with technological solutions. The bundling of marketing competence and technology expertise enables them to offer customers and agencies attractive offers in various special interest environments. If required, MAIRDUMONT NETLETIX also support publishers technologically as well as through strong partnerships and distribution partnerships, in conjunction with holistic monetization solutions for their digital offerings.

Some of 
MAIRDUMONT NETLETIX's brands are as follows:

Crosslinked Consulting is delighted to be the exclusive partner for MAIRDUMONT NETLETIX GmbH's products and solutions in selected CIS and Asia countries. 

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