Automobile: optimizing fleet management

Automobile: optimizing fleet management


Germany is home to some of the largest and best car makers in the world while China is one of the largest automobile markets globally. At Crosslinked, we partner with our clients in the automobile industry and share with them cutting-edge solutions, knowledge, skills and network to ensure that our clients are successful in this intensely competitive environment.

We recently conducted expert interviews on EV Smart Charging Solutions in PR China for one of the largest automobile companies in the world. We also provide B2B solutions in fleet management, accident damage detection using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology for the automotive and heavy machinery rental industries. 

From our offices in Germany, China, Hong Kong SAR and Kyrgyzstan, we work closely with our clients to create strategic roadmaps and markets especially in the new energy vehicles sector because we believe in the future of tomorrow. 

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